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What Makes a Guitar Legend?

You may have wondered what makes those select few guitar players stand out from the rest. Every so often there is a guitar legend that many look up to for inspiration. When this legend plays, he always seems to play what’s right. Even if its just a few notes played at a slow tempo, it sounds incredible! These notes would not seem very impressive when notated or played, yet when played by the guitar legend himself, they have a head turning result. While the status of being well known can alter people’s perception, there is a reason why the legends are well know. Guitar legends are outstanding guitar players and we are going to show you why & how you can do the same within your own style.

Aside from the legend’s business sense, ability to sell himself, & stage presence, we are going to dive into the technique or actual playing of a guitar legend. So to answer the question:

Question: What makes a guitar legend?

Answer: The natural ability to play with dynamics to achieve a desired effect.

We all have an extent of natural ability just like guitar legends. It’s a part of who we are as human beings. We have to develop this natural ability to join the ranks of the guitar legends. At this point you may be asking yourself how to play with dynamics. In the member’s area of GuitarImpulse.com, we not only teach you the 12 techniques below that are used by the legends themselves, but also teach you where to add them for a desired result by taking a riff or lick and adding these dynamics to give it that head turning appeal.

This is one of several lesson plans available in the member’s section of GuitarImpulse.com.

Original Idea
Added Technique

This lesson plan on GuitarImpulse.com is all about adding dynamics to your guitar playing with the techniques above. Our step-by-step approach includes learning one technique at a time, applying it to a riff, and offering a progression with another technique while reviewing the techniques already covered at the same time. Once all of the techniques are covered, then the fun begins with more complex riff development.

“The Guitar Legend Training stream on GuitarImpulse.com added variety to my guitar playing that I never knew was possible. I am starting to recognize what techniques make certain well known guitar players stand out from the rest.”

~Andrew, California, USA

“I had heard and used most of the techniques present in the guitar legend lessons on your site but you taught me how and when to use them in my own technique.This opened up new avenues to my guitar playing. What was really cool is how you layered the techniques and used them together. I highly recommend…”

~Josh, Iowa, USA

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Email hello@guitarimpulse.com with any questions.

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